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Adam & Eve and the Tree of Knowledge

concerning the Sirius influence: in the Book of Genesis this was characterized by the serpent causing the entities Adam & Eve to eat of the Tree of knowledge. Eating of the Tree of Knowledge being a reference to the ability to make decision, to think for themselves, to have independent will. Prior to that the other creature was totally controlled psychically by its creator. The second creature as having a will, a free will, a will of its own, which was termed knowledge, or wherein, for example, the serpent explained that in eating of the Tree of Knowledge the entities would gain the power of Gods; this referring to the ability to make decisions and have free will. This led to shorter lifespans associated with mammalian qualities, as the Reptilian genes receded; the reptilian having a slower metabolism. Adam & Eve were the prototype of a particular type of creation. It's like speaking of the Stealth or the carrier or the battleship, or the IBM computer, or some other model, rather than speaking of an individual entity. On symbolic levels, this has other meanings, as has been given. Adam and represent the conscious mind, while Eve represents the subconscious mind; or you may think of these as male and female principles or positive and negative principles. It is a matter of symbolism as well as a matter of allegory and also a story being told to represent the actuality of history in terms of the creation of this prototype known as man.

 there were people on earth before the creation of Adam, before the creation of Homo Sapiens. There were those more ancient as is taught in your anthropology books. It simply was that these new creations, the Homo Sapiens, were an updated versions, just as model airplanes or airplanes can be updated and new models built.

 it must be recalled that it was Enki, from Sirius , who was the one who freed mankind from the Enlil forces at the beginning of the Cro-Magnon creation. This goes back to the so-called Garden of Eden; that Enki essentially assisted in giving humanity the power of choice, rather than the mere option of obedience. It is this story that took shape as the story of the Garden of Eden; that the Tree of Knowledge and the fruit by which mankind was to be made as gods, by eating of that fruit of the tree of Knowledge; the fruit that was given by Enki was the power of choice, the ability to choose. Prior to this , the Adam model of the cloned creation the Cro-Magnon type or sapien type was simply a slave created to serve the mines owned by the Reptoids or those from Draco, and the Adam type model of Cro-Magnon developed was cloned to be a robot-like living being, a genetic creation, genetically created to serve without question and without thinking, without the power of choice.

 the Sirian may be equated to the Garden of EDEN serpent because the serpent tempted the prototypes, Adam and Eve, to question their creator. In questioning , they did things they were told would be forbidden, and thus they learned to make decisions that were perhaps not to their best interests, but which eventually led to their evolutionary growth as a decision-making being. The Tree of Knowledge was forbidden to them, for it they ate of this, they would have the knowledge of the gods. The knowledge of the gods being that ability to make decisions rather than simply obey. The gods referred to in the early meaning of this Garden of EDEN story when it was given in ancient times to entities, was referring to the prototype Adam /Eve creation of the Reptoid Enlil, and this was altered by the Enki or Sirian modification to this prototype in such a way that Enki forced the prototype to think, to make decisions. This was not in the plans of the Reptoid Enlil, who wanted these beings to simply obey and not to think for themselves. Thus, the mammalian brain overlaid above the reptilian brain of the human, created a new being, one that could evolve, could think, could make decisions and could learn from experiences, and alter and modify itself according to what it had learned.

The Enlil types were from Draco. At the time it was called the Dragon Constellation. It was later changed because the mapmaker of the heavens at the time did not have room to write the entire word "Dragon" and simply shortened or abbreviated it to "Draco"- and later, this was changed to the constellation Draco. The word Draconian comes from Draco, or dragon, and the Book of Revelations speaks of the dragon, this as a reference to the so-called Reptoids of UFO lore. These entities are partially reptilian in their genetic nature. Their main concern is control, conquering and survival, whereas the Sirian types are concerned about things that have to do with spiritual development. These entities from Sirius are closer to the True God of the Universe, though the earlier Enlil types rewrote the messages from the historic versions of the early story in Sumer and Akkadia and handed it down through one civilization following another, and the Hebrews got the story as it was handed down and perceived that the First Creator of human types, Enlil, was the Original God who put man in the Garden of Eden, which , incidentally, is the place known as the Tigris/Euphrates area, now comprised of that country Iraq, Syria and part of Turkey and also Iran to some extent.

the molecular structure and the DNA shapes were tampered with by Enki, the Sirius god in the Garden of Eden, after the human robot had been created to serve the Draconian Reptoids who saw themselves as the creator of the humans, and the work of Enki was designed to slowly change over a period of time to free the robot creature from its isolation as a non-thinking, non-deciding being, by the gift of Enki who created for that entity the ability to make decisions. The introduction of the mammalian genes at the top of the reptilian brain changed the creation of Enlil into that which had a choice, and this decision-making ability has allowed humanity to gradually... become more intelligent and more independent. This infuriated the Draconian creators in their genetic creation known as man because they could no control the entity if the entity could make decisions on his own. The change also created shorter lifespans for the humans because the reptilian aspects were being diminished... while the mammalian qualities became more prominent, resulting in more sensitive,emotional, compassionate qualities as well as better thinking abilities. The mammalian brain evolving out of and above the reptilian brain has, over many generations, allowed humans to evolve at an extremely high rate, and the action of the alignment in regard to Sirius and the earth has triggered this to move even more quickly...

aliens have for long been devoid of spiritual understanding and have lacked any teaching of a spiritual nature. They do not give much credence to it, or even much thought to it. They believe that they manufactured religion, created religion for humans in order to control the human civilization through religions. They see this as part of the programming that they imposed on humans. This particularly in regard to those of Orion rather than the Zeta Reticuli. The Orion Empire as having the belief that it created the religions under which humans live as a means of controlling human civilizations through the priestcraft and through suggestions and conditioning of the masses via religious and certain philosophical and moral teachings. They give themselves more credit than they actually deserve in regard to this, but because they used religion and morality teachings to manipulate humanity, they do not put much merit in those things themselves. More research can be done on this through the book "The Gods of Eden."
more on Star Beings and The Elohim

Star Beings

this individual is what is known as a Star Being, and the Elohim were those in the earliest times of manifestation of this earthly planet who came onto the planet to have a physical earthly experience, and they have moved on in their evolutionary process and are often associated with the gods, or the God Essence, and this is somewhat different than the Star Being concept. At this time on Mother Earth, there are many Star Beings who have volunteered to be present during this time of Ascension, this shift in consciousness. They are of the Galactic Federation, who have determined and decided that they would be part of the evolutionary process, and many of them have been involved, not only at this time, at this critical juncture of spiritual evolution, but have been involved in humanity's journey from the earliest times, even from the time of the Elohim, who were of a nature of Spirit, having an early physical experience on the planet. Mostly it is seen that the Galactic Federation beings who have agreed to physical incarnation in Mother Earth's journey and in the journey of humanity have been active in the more modern historical times. They are those who were also the Essenes, who in the time of Jesus knew that a shift in consciousness was about to occur through a process that was long in coming. It was not simply that the Essenes came together and created a community that Mary and Joseph were a part of, but it extended backwards in time, and many of the early prophets in the Old Testaments were of the Essene order, building up this knowing of a time when a Messiah would appear as the Bible states, as that which occurred. The Essenes on the whole were Star Beings, beings of the Galactic Federation who have volunteered many times to incarnate to assist Mother Earth and fledgling humanity to a point where Ascension could finally occur. It might be accurate to say that this is the first Ascension in mass numbers to occur, the first Ascension for the planetary consciousness that is Mother Earth to a much higher state of consciousness and awareness, to that which is the 5th dimensional or spiritual.
2013-1 More on Star Beings and The Elohim forces known as the galactic Federation have seen these events in the future, page 16-17) The forces known as the Galactic Federation have seen these events in the future, from when they were scenes of the past, when they were of the Egyptian dynasties, when they were in their Greek incarnations, when they were in their Sumerian lifetimes, and they understood that this polarized planet, this dualistic reality would one day come down to a point of decision, where those who would choose to reach higher expanded consciousness, would have the opportunity to do so; and they have come in numbers at this time to become part of the evolutionary process, to assist those who are Terran in nature, those who have started their physical incarnation on Mother Earth, Terra, to assist them in the process of spiritual evolution to the point where Ascension now lies immediately ahead, and in the Ascension process allows those who have been seeking this experience, including Mother Earth, to move into the experience and to experience it fully. There are also those who are to experience it partially, who are not ready to ascend, but are ready to have an experience on a planet that is ascending, and humanity that has the potential to ascend. This is so that in future lifetimes, thousands of years ahead, they may then at that time be ready for their own personal Ascension process. The ones of the Galactic Federation, including the Arcturians, the Pleiadians, the Vegans, the Sirians, the Andromedans and others not mentioned, are here as part of the Galactic Federation; the Venusians are also included in this mix. They are all volunteers that have elected to come into physical life and form to be part of these times and most of the CAC community are Star Beings, who have as their initial point of entry into those planetary systems, those points of origin that are part of the Galactic Federation, that have been involved in the evolutionary process towards spiritual achievement on a global level as well as Mother Earth herself, for many many lifetimes, and it is not simply in this lifetime that most find themselves and are awakening to their deeper truth of their origins, but they have been involved in many other lifetimes where they are part of groups who are helping to shift consciousness, such as the Essenes were in the historical times of Jesus the Christed One. This is therefore a situation that many feel within themselves that they have another home; they come from another place. More often it is an experience where they feel out of place on planet earth in contrast to those who seem very comfortable on a physical polarized planet of a dualistic nature, and this too is an indicator for many that they are Star Beings, for even though they have agreed to be physically present at this time, it is still a difficult sojourn for them for the energy of consciousness that is prevalent on Mother Earth at this time is very oppressive and dense to those who are of a more refined spiritual nature.

This has to do with the matter of the situation being that for most Galactic Federation members and beings, they have already experienced Ascension processes on their own home planets and in their own home systems. Thus those who are of the Galactic Federation forces have a much more high spiritual understanding and awareness, which is why they are trying to guide the children of Mother Earth and the child planet Mother Earth forward to a new level of understanding and maturity, for they too have gone through such stages, and they too recognize their connection with others of human form. The Galactic Federation are those who are of a humanoid form. Of the 12 planets that hosted human life, the human experience, Mother Earth is known as the Child Planet, the youngest of all who has now reached the point of departure from the state of childhood into the state of adolescence, the next level of conscious awareness and understanding. Those who are part of the Galactic Federation of beings have proceeded through such states previously and are involved in helping Mother Earth in her Ascension process as well as humanity itself. The individual questioner herself is part of this grand collective, part of this ascended level of understanding and consciousness, and is here to assist the many who are here to move, and is one of the Star Nations beings who has had her own experience in the oppressive dense nature of physicality but has always understood that she is not simply of this nature, and has come from somewhere else. This Awareness confirms for her and to all others who have always had such an experience that they are indeed members of the Galactic Federation forces and they are Star Beings.
The Family of Man: Where Did it all Begin?


The Origin of Races of People on Earth

"We Are Part of a Magnificent Creation"

C.A.C General reading, Feb. 4, 1992
(This file contains statements from J.J. in Seal Beach, California and comments from Cosmic Awareness)

Beginning of Statement is read:
"The origin of the races as that which proceeds from 5 basic groups. The first group to inhabit earth as entities similar to the humans known today was the Lemurian race."

Cosmic Awareness:
This Awareness indicates that the Lemurians were of a very old historic origin on this earth, and there is seen no disagreement in this entity's comment in this regard. This Awareness suggests that these entities did at one time have inter-space travel; there were visitations from other planetary systems to and from Lemuria. This Awareness suggests this (statements) continues.

"These entities were made by genetic engineering which was done by Sirians on the highest ape at that time. These people evolved away from the animal traits and became more and more human-like as time went on."

Cosmic Awareness:
This Awareness indicates that It sees the genetic engineering as that which produced human genes or Sirian genes into the animal kingdom to produce apes. That it was not so much that the apes were made to evolve toward the human by these Sirians, but that the humans added certain human genes to the apes, or to those creatures of anthropoidal nature and altered them somewhat. The humans were the Sirians and had their development already intact.

The effort to alter the ape was a separate experiment. This Awareness indicates that there were alterations in the apes or anthropoid types. These were not as widespread as many would believe. This Awareness indicates however, the Lemurians in general were descendants of the Sirians, and some genetic engineering made use of of genes from animals to give the Sirian humans a kind of stability that allowed them to survive on the Earth plane which was necessary for the survival due to harsh conditions. This Awareness indicates this had to do with certain qualities of the native anthropoidal beings which were used to the environmental conditions, whereby these qualities added to the Sirian natural physical bodies, and gave them the greater survival ability to adapt themselves to the life conditions on the Earth. This Awareness suggests the message continue.

"In their long history, they evolved into an advanced civilization."

Cosmic Awareness:
This is in the affirmative. This Awareness indicates this reaching a peak of civilization approximately 200.000 years ago; that these entities did have a high civilization based not so much on materialism and material technology as on mental and psychic technology. They were able to do with their minds things that later the Atlanteans did with tools and equipment. This Awareness indicates that during this time, they continued to have contact with Sirian entities and travelers and there was a degree of trade between the two worlds. This Awareness indicates that the civilization began to diminish approximately 100.000 years ago and approximately 50.000 years ago was more or less at its destruction, wherein the seas began to rush over the lands and waters entered into the caverns This Awareness suggests the message continue.

"When the cavern worlds that they inhabited flooded and sank, most were killed."

Cosmic Awareness:
This is in the affirmative.

"A few remained alive and were forced to live on islands and become surface dwellers."

Cosmic Awareness:
This is in the affirmative.

"This is the origin of the Polynesian tribes."

Cosmic Awareness:
This is in the affirmative, to some extent. Many of the Polynesians actually migrated to the Pacific from Africa, from northern Africa, moving eastward through India, Indonesia and into the Pacific. These entities brought some of the western teachings with them into these Polynesian islands.

"The second group were the Atlanteans who were genetically invented by the Pleiadians and transplanted onto the Earth."

Cosmic Awareness:
This Awareness indicates that there were those who were called Atlans who were space beings, who lived in what is known as the Atlantic. These entities became enemies of the Lemurians early in the time of Lemuria. Atlantis, or the Atlanteans were a group whose origin was found on mars through genetic engineering by the Greys, in particular, the Orion Greys. This Awareness indicates that these entities from Orion, using genetic engineering, created the Semites and certain of the Atlanteans that were most advanced in a civilization during the time of the decline of Lemuria. This Awareness indicates that in actuality, the civilizations on Mars was at it highest nearly a million years B.C. and had undergone a great decline by the time the Greys used it as a genetic engineering base for creating the latter Atleans. The original Atlans used the Mars bases; these entities were not the same as the Atlanteans, they were called Atlans and their origin was that which was from beyond the solar system. These were the early enemies of the ancestors of the Lemurians, those who were on Earth long before the Lemurians.

"They were caused to evolve quickly by the influence of their creators and they interacted with other races which came later."

Cosmic Awareness:
This is in the affirmative. This Awareness indicates that some of these other races included the Semites; that the white race as known today, first arrived in the Caucasus area in Russia or the Caucasus mountains, and prior to this arrival most Atlanteans were what would be termed red-skin or closer to the American Indian in terms of race. The Atlanteans at the sinking of Atlantis moved into Central and South America and were known as the Mayans. That the Atlantean Mayans moved further into South America and spread into different tribes, taking on different names and a small number keeping the name Mayan, and these entities are not the same as the Mayan of modern history, but as ancestors to these entities. This Awareness suggests the information continue.

"The Atlanteans were white-skinned and they mixed with other races to form such groups as the Indians (India), the Arabs and Jews and the Philipinos. The white race of today is a result of the Atlanteans coming to Europe before the demise of the continent and forming permanent colonies which later grew into large populations."

Cosmic Awareness:
This Awareness indicates that the whites arrived in the Caucasus mountains near the time Atlantis went through its final sinking; this being approximately 10.000 B.C. This Awareness indicates that these whites came in spacecraft. This is not to say that no whites had ever before arrived on Earth; there appear to have been some who arrived on earth previously but they were not the main settlers of Atlantis. This Awareness indicates that these entities appear to be those who were from the Pleiades; some also being from that star system known as Lyra. The Pleiadian and the Lyrian entities are closely related in genetic terms.

"Near the end of the Atlantean civilization, the other three groups were formed by space travelers from Arcturus (Chinese), Vega (Indians of the Americas) and Sirius (Blacks). The Blacks were modified by the Sirians from their original state as slaves made by the Reptilian entities."

Cosmic Awareness:
This Awareness indicates that this previous set of statements appear to be accurate; that the Atlanteans had very little influence of the white race involved. Mostly, those who were white were visitors from Lyra or from the Pleiades; that there were strong Vegan influences in Atlantis. This Awareness indicates that these influences from Vega appear to have given Atlantis much of its higher technology, and Atlantis did have space travel or had contact with space travel to and from its shores and airports, or bases.

"In view of the original state of the planet being that which was not inhabited by humans, it is interesting to note that the fist humans were modified from animals, while groups that came later were made as modifications of the space travelers themselves. The Blacks were born from a combination of Reptilian genes and the use of ape genes, but were later modified by the Sirians to evolve into humans with the same characteristics as all the others."

Cosmic Awareness:
This Awareness indicates that this relates to that which this Awareness has given in the reference to Enlil and Enki, in the time of Sumer and Ur; this approximately 20.000 years ago in that which is Mesopotamia; that this in the area of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers were the so-called origin of civilization began. It was not so much the origin of the races or the origin of humanity, but it was a new origin of civilization in that agriculture was introduced during that time. The agriculture which has continued to this day, where certain fruits, vegetables and crops were given to these entities and have spread throughout the world from that area, and whereby these entities were the first of a creation of the Cro-Magnon type of human, or that which has been called the prototype for Adam and Eve. This Awareness indicates that Adam and Eve in this sense were not of the white race, as many believed, but were of the black race. This Awareness wishes of course to clarify this, in suggesting that Adam and Eve were not single individuals; they were a type of human, but as one would say the first Cro-Magnon human on Earth was of the black race rather than of the white race, male and female were they.

This Awareness indicates that Adam represents the Cro-Magnon type of person, the Homo Erectus, the entity who stands erect as compared to the earlier Neanderthal types. This Awareness indicates that after these creations, the white race appeared approximately 10.000 B.C., and began to have their influence spreading from the Caucasus mountains southwards into India and into Egypt. This became that which is called or known as the origin of the Great White Brotherhood.

The entities came to teach and to establish civilizations among the masses who were already present on Earth. These entities were of Pleiadian origin and in their own way created a certain new element in the civilizations of nations that in some way benefited and in some way proved detrimental to others. Their influence helped to establish the caste system in India, but also helped to introduce an organizational system that allowed for many people of many levels to receive benefits from society in general. The organization of medicine, law, governing and construction came from these entities and helped to take humanity out of the more primitive agriculture and nomadic wandering of tribes into cities and towns. This Awareness suggests that the information be continued.

"To date, there are only slight differences in the races, and they all contain the Divine Spark which allows them to become enlightened."

Cosmic Awareness:
This is in the affirmative.

"It should also be noted that most souls who are appearing in human bodies today have incarnated into all the other races during their various past lives."

Cosmic Awareness:
This is in the affirmative.

" To fulfill the requirements for ascending into the Divine Awareness each soul must go through many types of experiences. Some are crude and some are more sublime, but all are necessary to bring the soul to maturity."

Cosmic Awareness:
This is in the affirmative. This Awareness indicates that one further comment is seen; that the yellow race as that which also had its early history in caverns underground and in the center, central Earth. There was much subterranean origin to this race. They spent some of their earlier history under the surface rather than on the surface of the Earth.

(From Revelations of Awareness 94-11 Issue No. 437 with Paul Shockley as Interpreter)


More on what is the origin of the various races
(From Revelations of Awareness 91-17 Issue No. 392 with Paul Shockley as Interpreter)

This Awareness indicates that the Semites as that which has been discussed already, as having been cloned by Jehovah, on Mars, and transported to Earth. This was approximately the time that Atlantis was near the time of sinking. This appears to be approximately 10,000 BC, give or take two thousands years.

This Awareness indicates that the red man as the Atlanteans or Atlans, those who originally were on Atlantis. These decedents of those who are called the Atlans. The Atlans were space people; these entities appear to have come from Vega. This Awareness indicates that the yellow race was earlier, from the interior of the earth. These entities appear to have been the original natives of earth, prior to the others.

The blacks as seen as having come from a planet...that the origin or location of this planet is not seen clearly...that this appears to have been in the direction of Orion; that this appears to be related to that which is called the Dog Star, as a general location of this particular planet. That these entities did not like being in their location because of the Orion Empire infringing in their territory and many of these entities came to Earth through the assistance of others who were traveling to Earth at the time. This Awareness indicates that the Pleiadians assisted them in relocating to the Earth and the Reptoid group that was then mining on the Earth attempted to use these entities as slaves.

This Awareness indicates that the whites came to that area of Carpathia from the Pleiadian system. They brought the whites in and left groups in Carpathia and from there, these entities moved into different directions. This Awareness indicates that the different races were originally created by that which has been termed as the Prism of Lyra, the white hole through which light enters into this universe and spreads into different rays as through a prism, and each ray having created its own species of humanoid type being.

This Awareness indicates that the green ray and the blue ray, indigo and violet, red, orange and yellow rays, each creating a different species. That the black race and white race were created at the same time, but were later changed by environmental conditions that altered their pigments and genes because of separation into different locations, these on sub-levels.

This Awareness indicates that all humans, except the Semites were created through the same ray. The Reptoids, the Zeta Reticulli, the Orions and others were created from different rays, but the humans all began as the same beings, the same type of being, and what you see now are sub-races of the human race. These were created largely by their movement into different places, having different kinds of environmental influences on them, to cause them to alter and progress in different directions, toward different coloration, pigmentation and physical features.

This Awareness indicates that the Semites were a race created from the cloning process of Jehovah in the area of Mars and that they were transported on Earth by the Orion engineers. This Awareness indicates that these entities were then placed on Earth to be used for mining in the areas of Africa, but were found to be disobedient and therefore, unworkable in that capacity.

The Orion entities were driven away; this including Jehovah, and the Sirius entities entered and influenced the further development and progression of the races and entities on Earth for some time, establishing certain structures and organization to keep the civilization progressing.

This Awareness indicates that the Pleiadian influence had occurred on Earth before this time period, but that it was again repeated at a somewhat later date in which the Pleiadians again returned to influence their seeding of the planet. This Awareness indicates that essentially, the planet was a kind of dumping ground for misfits and people who did not work out, the experiments that did not work out in other places, and this being much like Australia, wherein Australia was an isolated continent that could be used as a dumping ground for prisoners to get them out of society in Europe and yet let them live their own lives as they desired. This Awareness indicates that this was the case for many of these who were brought to Earth.
The Creation of Adam by  Enlil

The entities known as Enlil were Reptilian in nature; the Enlil was a Reptoid, and this was the entity who created that first Adam, but Adam was many entities. There were many Adams. Just as entities today speak of man and in some distant future people reading the material may think that 'man' is the name of a person. Likewise, Adam was not a single man, but a species that was created by the Enlil.

The Enlil Reptoid group later were called by the Hebrew, the Elohim or the Els. This Awareness indicates that

the first Adam type of creature did not have the cap­ acity for having sex, and was cloned and was reproduced through the action of cloning. The creature did have the opportunity because of the Reptoid nature of being in the image of the creator Enlil, of having long life. This was the Tree of Wisdom, and the entity was designed so as not to be able to think in polarities or to have any particular choices; to be simply obedient, and this was the intent and purpose of Enlil to keep these entities as obedient servants, to serve and to work and to do things in accordance to the commands of Enlil.

The Enlil being a species, and the Adam types being a species of creature. At some point, the female counter­ part was created to give companionship to the male counterpart, in an attempt to add for the Adam types

a creature that would serve the Adam types in a similar way that Adam was serving the Enlil types, or the Elohim. This Awareness indicates that this situation existed for some time before the entity from Sirius, who was Enlil's half brother, who was not as much a Reptoid as was Enlil, in the sense that the entity was termed a serpent person from the serpent race of Sirius, as compared to the Reptoid from Draco. Enlil was the hair-brother of Enki, and Enki was the Sirius entity, one who was born and lived in Sirius as a class known as the serpent people.


Enki's Greatest Gift to Man: The Gift of Thought

Enki is equated to the Garden of Eden story, to the serpent in the garden. It was Enki's philosophy that Adam and Eve, or the two types, should have the right of choice or what is termed the knowledge of gods. They were given the option of being able to know good and evil, or polarization, right and wrong, joy and sorrow, and all of those things that are polarized. Therefore, the option of thinking rather than merely obeying; the option of being able to make choices, for this was the gift of Enki to the Adam and Eve types, and it was this action of Enki in the cloning process wherein he instilled within them, he, or they, this race of entities known as Enki, the power of thought.

This Awareness indicates that when It speaks of Enki as a half-brother to Enlil, It is actually referring to races that stem from a similar, a common forefather race known as An-noo, or Ah-nu. the names varying in different writings of old; this being the same as the term 'seed'. You will recall that in the Huna philosophy of the Hawaii. ens, the term Ano-ano means 'seed'.

This Awareness indicates that this entity was more or less the founder of the humanoid race in this galaxy. that Reptoids were one splinter or faction of his creation called Enlil or Elohim, and the Enki, ot Sirius, another faction.

The action of the Enki on the Adam and Eve races or entities was to give them the power of thought,' . and this was the fall from the garden of Eden in the sense of this scenario. It of course has many different inter­ pretations in terms of the overall symbology of the story, many parallels and reflections under the Law of Hermes, his Law of Correspondence that states that "As above, so it is below!"-this same effect takes place within each human body.

There is within the human body, the serpent consciousness, the old reptilian brain, the kundalini energy, the conscious mind, the subconscious mind symbolizing Adam and Eve, and the state of consciousness that does not know good or evil, but simply responds as one integrated and total being, such as that of a newborn child, and there is that fall from such grace wherein the entity learns , to think, to polarize, to understand good and evil and then is cast into actions that require that the entity struggle with thought, for survival.

This Awareness indicates that the parallel as that which applies to the individual and to the humanoid race. It also applies on the earth to the history of humanity with the garden of Eden being an area in that which is old Mesopotamia. This Awareness indicates that in under­ standing this nature of Enki and Enlil, you will perhaps recognize that the serpent race and tbe Reptilian race are not the same.

All Humens Once Had Reptoid Seeds

There are references to Reptoids. There are references to Serpent People; the winged serpent, which generally refers to Sirius. This Awareness indicates that the Pleiadeans were created before humans on earth, and the Enki and the Pleiadeans helped to modify the Reptoid creation of Adam and Eve to become a mutant with the mammal grouping. Thus, all entities have the seed of Reptoids deep in their origin, mostly fading as generations pass, with the serpent seed from Sirius increasing along with the mammal­ qualities associated with the Pleiadeans also increasing, so that the human creation progresses at an accelerated pace in terms of spiritual evolution.

This Awareness indicates that this may be of some help in reading these different books, for they all tend to treat these entities or so-called gods as though they were individuals, when in fact, they were galactic races of individuals or types. The stories told of these individuals are much like the stories in the Old Testament when. it speaks of God or speaks of the Lord coming to Moses. The Lord, in terms of the relationship with Moses, is , much like that of stating when a ship lands, the captain came to George and said such and such.

This Awareness indicates that this may occur in various writings or at various times, that the captain came and spoke to George or spoke to Harry or spoke to Mike, and entities might believe that the captain was always the same entity and that the captain was the title of one person, when in fact it is a common title for many leaders who direct a ship. In the Old Testament, it referred to the pilot or captain of a ship when it spoke of the Lord, thus you have what is termed the landlord, the lord of the land.

In earlier times these entities who were captain or head of a ship were referred to as lords. This Awareness indicates that the very word Elohim, the Hebrew word which has been translated into the word 'God' which is a Greek word, actually is a word that signifies plural, meaning more than one entity. Elohim means Gods, thus, when it says God created the heavens and the earth, it is a miss­ statement and in proper translation was "Elohim created the heaven and earth," meaning Gods (in Greek) created the heavens and the earth.

This Awareness indicates that this was in reference to Enlil and their kind creating the atmosphere and circum­ stances on the earth which would allow mankind to exist. There was already a creation here when Enlil arrived. ' Their .action was simply to modify what was here.


The space geneticist Jehovah from mars that Awareness has mentioned so often; is Awareness saying that this , . entity was the Reptilian entity?


This is in the affirmative.

Well, if he cloned Adam and Eve in his image ...




These entities were Reptilian in nature; that the Rep­ tilian skin was shed after the action of Enki the Sirius group. The Serius group entered upon the earth plane and worked with these humans, or creations of the Reptilian types, creations of Jehovah, or whatever name you choose these entities had scales and were worked with by Enki, and the Enki altered them to give them more of the mammal qualities.

The Naked Feeling When Scales Were Removed (Circumcision: The Shedding of the Serpent Skin)

This Awareness indicates that the entities, the entity, ~ was put into a deep sleep; it is a reference to a long

period of time in which the entity, the entities, were genetically hibernated and worked with to be changed

or alteredso that the skin of the Reptilian type was removed.  removing that skin gave them the altered form which is common to man,  the ,entities discovered their nakedness, and felt themselves to be most vulnerable and wanting to cover themselves.

This Awareness indicates that it has been pointed out in the book Flying Serpents, and Dragons that the ritual of circumcision is a carry-over of the shedding of skin or shedding of the serpent skin. It is a symbolic ritual; that this essentially is correct. This Awareness indicates that as time passed, the mammal qualities began to grow in dominance and the Reptilian qualities became more and more recessive in the genetic pattern of human­ ity, thus, in the earlier history of human-kind, the lives of entities were commonly measured in time spans

above five or six hundred years in length; this is because of the long Reptilian lifespan.

Humanity Now Stands on Threshhold of Immortality

As time passed and the Reptilian strain became more recessive "and the mammal strain became more dominant, the lifespan began to reduce. This Awareness indicates

it now has reached a time wherein through the tradeoff of knowledge in place of long life (or immortality in the sense of actual physical immortality associated with the Reptoids), humankind eating of the Tree of Knowledge

or -that of having choice and becoming capable of thought now being able to make choices and indulge in procreation rather than being cloned; mankind's lifespan having been greatly shortened because of this, is now enjoying that which the gods have always had, knowledge, and is rediscovering concepts that the gods held at the time mankind was created, that is, the concepts of cloning

and genetic engineering and the ability to reproduce and alter lifespans.

Thus, as mankind's history has moved through this cycle, it is as though EnId, the Sirius people, has allowed humanity to bear fruit and become one with the gods. Thus, when It says 'Ye are all gods!  It was speaking of gods in the making, and humanitY now stands on the thresh­ hold of immortality.


(The Law of Gratitude is given).
This Awareness indicates that there is a need to make some" changes in the way entities perceive reality.' , This Awareness indicates that because mind manipulates, consciousness and in that manipulation creates realities, what entities term realities:it is important to understand that realities, can be altered. by changing the way the mind manipulates consciousness

This Awareness indicates the tendency of mind is to create polarities in consciousness. If one thing is' , outstanding, the mind tends to create an opposite that  is equally outstanding, to create a contrast of equal extreme, The mind also' tends to fixate and focus on its " own creations, giving them greater or lesser substance " in order to augment or diminish the creation; thus, a thing can be created along with its opposite. It can then be exaggerated, along with the exaggeration of its opposite so that an extreme ,of polarity is manifested and this can be a type of thinking of the mind that operates on all levels, in all things, in all of its creations.

Thus, a small accomplishment can be exaggerated to appear to be a great accomplishment, and its opposite which would be a negation of greatness, can also be 'experienced simultaneously, so that an entity feels both superior and inferior simultaneously because of the accomplishment. This Awareness indicates that this is the nature of polarity, the nature of the mind polarizing consciousness.

The Mind Creates "Good" and "Evil"

This Awareness indicates that an example of this would be to consider for example, the concept of good, something which is termed 'good,' which immediately calls for the mind to recognize that here can be: something called 'bad' or 'evil,' and the more 'good' something is, the more the tendency to 'create some­ thing equally bad and evil, so that the good never becomes better than the bad is bad, for every time something becomes really good, the mind automatically creates the concept of something being really bad.

 This Awareness indicates that's the tendency of mind in working with polarities, It is not necessary for mind to think in such ways. This Awareness indicates that the Korean language has no word for 'bad' or in the past this was so, before it became associated with Westernized language and other languages; the Korean language had words that indicated or suggested something could be good or something could be not so good, but it did not have a term meaning the opposite of good, or 'bad.'

This Awareness indicates that in discussing the nature of the aliens and the creation of the founders of the universe as beings who came in to existence when light fractured or fragmented, this Awareness suggested that some of these beings evolved out of the. positive end of light polarity. while [others evolved out of the negative end] of light polarity. This Awareness indicates that it would be suitable to the natural event of the mind to call these good and evil, and in tne past, philosophical societies have done so, terming some of these creatures. 'creatures of good, and .some of these creatures. 'creatures of evil.'

This Awareness indicates that generally, the negative evolution or evolvement, the evolvement from light of   a    negative type, would be termed evil, and the evolvement ot light in the positive sense would be termed ,

This-Awareness indicates the human .... human is not exactly the appropriate term because human relates to animal man, but the more highly evolved creatures of the universe evolved out of the positive pole of polarity of the light force, and the Reptilian energies evolved more from the negative pole of the energies, and entities could, theoretically, call them evil.

This Awareness would prefer to diminish the polar­ izing in consciousness so as to assist in the action of bringing back to the Law of One, wherein-all things are seen as 'part of Universal Consciousness and the extremes are diminished, for as long as there are ex­ tremes, these extremes become more volatile toward each other in' destructive ways, and as ,the extremes diminish and.' 'entities move more toward a neutral stance on the scale'of polarity, peace and harmony 'become more prevalent.

This Awareness indicates that it is not necessary in the universe for things to be extremely polarized. The experience was offered by consciousness to determine the effects of such extremity with the intention that eventually these extremes would return and unify into the One Mind or One Consciousness. There­ fore, It does not wish to energize concepts of good and evil in the sense of the alien factor, but rather wishes to discuss the nature of these extremes and the movement toward harmony and balance that is possible.

The 'Good" Self and the "Not so Good" Self

This Awareness indicates that in each individual there is the positive and the negative aspect. There is that which entities have called the good and the evil side of the self. This Awareness wishes entities to change the thinking slightly and to think of the good self and the not-sa-good self; to think of the Reptoids, for example, as being not-sa-good, but not to think of them as much as being evil in the extreme sense, to recognize instead their true nature, and what may be termed the nature of all beings who are classed as evil.

Most beings, let's take for example the concept of Ahriman the ultimate of evil, or Satan, the ultimate of evil' these entities are simply miscreated, lacking good. It is not so much that they have something .in them called evil it is more that they lack that which is good. They la'ck compassion. They may have certain qualities that are associated with some levels as good. They may, for example, be intelligent. They may be strong. They may be loyal to their own followers or to their own leaders, and such qualities can be classed in some frames of reference as good, so even that which entities class as evil may have some redeeming good qualities, but they are lacking in that which is comp­ assion and feeling for the welfare of others.

Humans a Product of Mammalian and Reptilian Genetics

They lack that which entities call love. This Awareness indicates that you do not see the Reptilian world showing love for one another or for other creatures in the same way that occurs in the world of mammals .. This Awareness indicates that of course, in the world of mammals there are also elements of violence in which species attack each other, sometimes even their own species. This Awareness indicates that this violence usually is an indicator of a certain amount of Reptilian genetics involved in that species that causes the species to exhibit violence. This Awareness indicates that the genetics involved in the creating of different species has to do with a combination of positive and negative energies on the polarity scale, and many humans, most humans are a product of both Raptilian and mammalian ancestry.

Enlil Creates the First 'Adam'

This Awareness indicates that thus, the entities tend to have the dual aspects of that which is good and that which is not-so-good. This Awareness indicates the human species as that which originally was created by Enlil the Reptilian god as a prototype slave to work in fields and in mines, and this prototype was incapable of reproducing itself. It was to be reproduced by cloning. This Awareness indicates this was the first  Adam. This Awareness suggests that it did not function well. It had no self motivation, and was not easily' programmed to follow instructions  and the second . creation which was infused with other genes or genetic substances by the entity ] EnKI. of Sirius, then had its effect on the prototype that had been created by Enlil.

Enki from Sirius Gave Adam "Knowledge. The Ability to Choose

This Awareness indicates the entity Enki from Sirius. is the entity which the biblical story of Genesis refers to as the serpent in the garden. The entity Enlil was
the so-called god in the garden of Eden. Enlil was Reptilian. EnKI was the serpent sub-race from Sirius. This entity assisted the human creation or Adam, in a way that opposed the will of Enlil, by allowing Adam the ability to make choices. It gave Adam what was called knowledge.

By giving him the power to make choices, it indicated that Adam, by eating of this tree would have the power of gods. The power of gods being simply the ability to make choices as opposed to being a bio-robot or a creation of a mindless clone. This Awareness indicates that along with the ability to make choices, Enki also gave the Adam prototype the ability to reproduce itself and the reproduction was also augmented by a kind of engineering feat that put genes into the prototype from the Sirius god or that which was the serpent of Sirius, which would, in time, grow in dominance from generation to generation, while also causing the Reptilian genes of Enlil to diminish from generation to generation.

How Humans are Evolving into Gods

Thus Enlil would lose in his creation the genetics that were used in the first prototype or Adam creation

In these early stages of the creation, the entities lived long lives. Methuselah, for example, living close to a thousand years. These long lives were due to the genetics from Enlil, but with each passing generation, over thousands of years, the tendency of the Enlil genes to influence the next generation became weaker because of Enki's genetic influence, and the human

or the animal aspects along with the serpentine or sapien aspects became more dominant in each passing generation so that as time passed, lives became shorter.

This Awareness indicates that this denied humans the concept of immortality, thus eating of the tree of knowledge led to certain death. Surely over periods of time the lives diminished and shortened, but at the same time this was happening, where lifespans even reached to the point of an average of 25 or 30 years, even as this was happening, the powers of reason, the powers of the mind, the powers to make choices were developing in the human to give, eventually, a greater understanding than Enlil ] ever intended for his creation to have, and thus, gradually, humankind began to evolve into gods in their own right.

This A wareness indicates that it is not that Enlil was evil or good, it is just that Enlil, tampering with natural forces was an inventor of a certain prototype, and Enki stole away part of the prototype, altered the creation. to become something different, and the prototype began to develop to a level where it became capable of challenging its own creator. This Awareness indicates that humanity has now evolved back toward its own godhood to become a spiritual being with compassion, with understanding and with intelligence, still weak

in many ways. .

This Awareness indicates once again, the value of humanity is not in what humanity has done, but in its potential, yet unknown, for humanity's potential is on the brink of expressing itself and, if surviving, will soon reach a state of expression that will be as the expression of divinity. It will be that associated with angelic powers. It is only a matter of time. The difference between humanity and the Reptilian or Reptoid types is that humanity
is accompanied by the evolutionary growth and development of compassion, while the Reptoids have stripped away compassion from their being and have become technologically cold, efficient, powerful.

Reptoids are Spiritually Bankrupt Beings

They have great power. They have great technology.

They are extremely efficient in what they do, but they lack compassion. They do not care for others, even among their own in the way that humans care. This Awareness indicates that they are spiritually bankrupt, whereas humans are on the brink of spiritual abundance. It is so close, and when it comes, human powers will excel and exceed the technologies available to those Reptoids, for the spiritual powers will allow humans with their mentality and consciousness to have dominion over those technological powers of the Rep-toids.

This Awareness indicates it is not so much a matter of good and evil, it is a matter of returning to the source, to the original consciousness from whence all came, and the Reptoids are at the extreme opposite end and have no direction to go except to return, and the humans are now close to Cosmic Consciousness. It will be but a matter of time before humans, in collective consciousness, can have greater power without touching the Reptoids than the Reptoids have with all of their technologies.

The Passage Perilous: Certain Aliens Reincarnate to Help Us

This Awareness indicates that Enki's effort as that which has given Adam and Eve the powers of God. These are not yet fulfilled, but quickly approaching, as humanity evolves spiritually. This Awareness indicates that in this sense the Sirius people have a great concern and a great desire to see humanity continue its path and spiritual evolution unecumbered by the influence of the Reptoids. This Awareness indicates that it is for this reason that Sirius, Arcturus, Vega and the Pleiades, and other systems have sent emissaries to Earth to be reincarnated into human bodies at this time, to assist in this passage perilous from the old age, into the new.

It is for this reason that the Sirians, Vagan, Pleiadian and Arcturus groups; also those from Andromeda from the Galactic Confederation, have considerable concern as to what is to be the outcome and history of earth; whether it will become a fallen way-station for the Reptoids in their further effort to conquer the galaxy, or whether it should be given special attention and be salvaged. The debate over this concern is on, and will depend largely on whether humanity appears worthy of] such salvation, or whether humanity is so deplete

of good that it should be sacrificed and given to the    Reptoids, while these forces concern themselves with saving other planets and other places in the galaxy. .:

Some Reptoids Are Also Reincarnated Here

This Awareness indicates that the problem has been that] many of the Reptoid entities in ancient and present or subsequent times have reincarnated also into human form, and are what may be termed devoid of good. It is not so much that they are evil, they simply lack compassion and therefore promote actions that develop for themselves power and gain through violence, deception, manipulation or other trickery. They are seen by good people as being evil.

A Melting Pot of 'Good' and 'Not so Good' Entities

This Awareness does not wish to energize the concept of evil, therefore, It would refer to these entities as not-so-good, living with those who are basically good. This Awareness indicates that therefore, humanity is

a hodgepodge of 'good and not-so-good beings, because many of those who are not-so-good have reincarnated from souls of Reptilians, the Reptoid types from Draco, and many of those who are good are from other star systems, and there are many in between who are half­ breeds and who are combinations and who can switch from being good to being not-so-good, and thus, humanity is a kind of melting pot in this part of the galaxy.

Enki Saved Earth and Mankind From Destruction

This Awareness indicates that there was a time when these Reptoids attempted to destroy the earth and all humanity, and but for Enki would have succeeded. The Sirius influence as that which allowed the survival of some entities such as Noah, and those whom he preserved, to survive the flood that was caused from the melting of ice in Antarctica and the tipping of the earth to create such a flood around the globe.

This Awareness indicates that this action of preser­ ving some of humanity as that which allowed the continued evolution of the human creation to its present state; that it was the intention of Enlil ] to destroy the earth and abandon the planet with both the nuclear radiation of Sodom and Gomorrah and the flood. It was assumed that the creation would die out and nothing would survive. This was a mistaken assumption and humanity began to grow, and over time and with some help from Sirius forces and Pleiadian forces, influences were brought to bear on consciousness and the earth in ways that allowed humanity to again become assertive and to grow, and to develop and evolve.

in 19 60s
Now these Reptoids are laying claim to the earth as being theirs, using their mercenaries, the Greys, as forerunners to that claim, and the Galactic Confedereration as that which is at a loss in terms of what to do because the governments of the world have accepted agreements with these mercenary forerunners, the Greys, giving them treaties to be on earth, and to conduct their activities. Without such treaties, the Greys  would have broken Galactic Law and could be removed. With such treaties, they have the right to take over the planet so long as they abide by those treaties that were given in secret by the leaders of these various countries.

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A question from J K Hartford, Connecticut. "Is it possible for the Greys and Reptoids to travel back through time and manipulate events at key points or junctures in time or is the past in some way not easily altered?"


This Awareness indicates that there appears to be a certain set of principles in regard to time-travel that allows for some alteration of the past to occur by time travelers from the future moving back into those energies of the past; however, it appears that these conditions allow

only minor alterations which cannot affect historically the line of history in a sense that moves or changes societies. It appears It can only alter in minor ways} perhaps

the lives of certain individuals, so long 'as those individual lives are not key to the historical direction of the culture.

This Awareness indicates that normally, the manipulation of the future by travelling back in time is not effective except in very lim-meeted and minor ways,. It can be affected to change things for individuals when those changes do

not affect the historical culture or the direction of a culture.

This Awareness indicates it is not so much that there is some kind of physical or natural law guiding this, or enforcing this as a principle, it is more that the energies involved would be too great to move by an entity moving back in time. That even using the Law of Leverage wherein an entity affects time at a crucial moment, giving energy

so that he or she could turn history by a word or two;

this does not appear to be as easily done as it might seem, if history had not already been written.

One can, in present time, with a word or two, alter the direction of energies to create a new direction for the future, but if that history line has already been written, to go back and change by adding a word here or there at critical times requires much greater amounts of energy to undo the already written history, than it would, had there been no history written at all.


Another question by J.K. "Does Awareness ever tune into the technology of the aliens to see which way energies and consciousness seem to be moving? For example. the foreseen Spring 1993 California earthquake. Do the Greys have this already recorded and seen as done, as history, somewhere aboard a ship's computer or would this be like tuning in to a frequency of a low vibration that does not encompass higher and more universal purposes?

Can this ever be useful? I find the idea of this type of time travel fascinating.

This Awareness indicates that the concept of creating a-fixed future based on plans that are set in motion as that which-has a certain limitation. One can create a plan and-put the plan in motion and the 'energies in motion carry momentum, which help to bring about the outcome based on that plan, but to think of this as already having occurred because of some preordained fate is incorrect.

Even if the plan had been well thought out and well energized and put into motion, it is still possible for events, energies and other plans in the future to be brought to bear as influences. 'On those original plans and energiesand to defuse or deflect or alter the planned outcome.

This Awareness indicates in other words, the future is not fixed ..

The future may be influenced by plans and energies,

but it is not absolute, for if there is any possibility of new energies being brought to bear, then these plans can be altered. This Awareness indicates this relates to the Law of Motion. or Momentum; the Law of Inertia, where energy is in movement, it continues to stay in movement, even if it is a plan being promoted, until some other energy comes to bear to deflect, to alter that movement, It is related to the Newtonian Law of Inertia,